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In an effort to honor the rich diversity of honey, comes an obligation for guidance regarding all aspects of beekeeping, honey plants and their territories. The American Honey Tasting Society is an initiative and an association to share and exchange ideas on the appreciation and culinary traditions of honey through tasting. Our goal is to raise the awareness of honey as an artisanal and noble food and educate the public about its varietals and rich flavor profiles.

2014 – TBA
American Honey Tasting Society Course: Sensory Analysis of Honey
Red Bee ® Apiary, Weston, Connecticut

Explore the sensory analysis of the major honeys of the United States and throughout the world by examining it’s color, aroma, textures and flavor profiles. In this two day intensive course students will learn everything you need to know about honey from flower to spoon. Learn to identify nectar sources, honey plants and the various regions that each honey was produced. Then explore and identify the seven designated colors of honey, the vast aromas and flavor profiles using the honey aroma and tasting vocabulary. Understand the chemistry and why water content so important. You will learn how to identify fermented, adulterated and crystallized honeys. How does terroir of honey and the major honey plants of the world change the sensory qualities of each honey. Learn about pollen in honey and its health benefits. The course will also cover basic beekeeping, hive management and honey harvest. We will spend time in the apiary inspecting hives. Copies of Marina Marchese and Kim Flottum’s (editor of Bee Culture Magazine) new book The Honey Connoisseur will be the text and included in the cost of the course. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for at the end of the two day course and a one year membership to The American Honey Tasting Society newsletter. This course is open to chefs, artisan food producers and retailers, beekeepers and anyone who is interested in transparency in food.

5 Questions with Marina Marchese, Founder of the American Honey Tasting Society



American Honey Tasting Society Course: Sensory Analysis of Honey





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