Visit Red Bee Honey Apiary and Gardens

By Land Line: 1.866.530.3022

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Red Bee’s Visits

Red Bee ® Apiary and Gardens are private residential country cottages. We are open during traditional business hours and some weekends for customers to make purchases of our products by appointment. Please email us to let us know you are coming so someone can be here to greet you.

Jobs and Internships at Red Bee Honey

Red Bee Apiary offers year round opportunities for volunteers and interns to contribute to a variety of activities and events. These are mostly hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of honeybees that also includes working in our organic edible garden and managing our chickens. Meals and access to our many workshops and events throughout the year are included as compensation. If you have a special talent or interest that you think would add to our mission, please drop us a line, we welcome new ideas and projects.
For questions about volunteering, please contact us at

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