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Marina Marchese is the designer and beekeeper behind the beloved brand, Red Bee Honey and the author of The Honey Connoisseur: Selecting, Tasting, and Pairing Honey. She is a leading expert on single – origin honey and the founder of The American Honey Tasting Society.

After graduating from The School of Visual Arts, Marina’s illustrations were featured in Victoria Magazine, Macy’s and Woman’s Wear Daily launching an international design career that sent her between NYC and Shanghai. In 2000 Marina was invited to visit a neighbor’s apiary where her first taste of fresh honey from the beehive would change the course of her life. She quit her job, built a beehive and acquired some Italian honeybees to become a beekeeper. It was on a visit to Montalcino, Italy “The City of Honey” that Marina became passionate about the diverse flavor profiles of honey determined by the type of nectar gathered by the honeybees. Compelled by the philosophy of terroir, Marina studied wine tasting in order to transfer those skills to honey tasting which lead her to curate a collection of single-origin seasonal honeys under her own Red Bee Brand. Her best selling memoir, Honeybee Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper chronicles Marina’s entrepreneurial journey into the world beekeeping.


Marchese received her training from the National Registry of Experts of Sensory Analysis of Honey in Italy and the Welsh Method of Honey Judging at the University of Georgia. She has taught honey tasting courses at Eataly, Slow Food Metro North, Murray’s Cheese Shop and Artisanal Premium Cheese Center. Recently, Marina was invited to lead the inaugural honey tasting panel for The Good Food Awards in San Francisco.
Marina’s Red Bee Apiary has been featured on ABC-TV’s The Chew, and she is the past president of the Back Yard Beekeepers Association of Connecticut and proud recipient of the Slow Food Snail of Approval.

Marina’s Honey Sommelier™ consulting services for chefs, restaurateurs, and food and beverage industry professionals on selecting and pairing honey. She welcomes the opportunity to write tasting notes for rare, unusual honey harvest, both domestic or international. Marina is available to lead guided sensory educational courses for those who would like to train their senses to recognize aromas and flavors or defects in honey.

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