15 Feb 2019

Marchese's palate is so finely tuned that she can literally taste the beekeepers fear in a smear of honey.

8 Jan 2019

It's a new year everyone! This year I am committed to writing more about honey as a way to share what I've learned over the years with each one of you. Have you noticed that there is so very little good information available about honey? Crazy? Considering honeybees have been making this liquid gold...

16 Nov 2018

What would a traditional Thanksgiving meal be without squash soup garnished

with pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprouts with honey mustard or apple pie with walnuts and cranberries? Honeybees pollinate these and many other foods including oranges, chestnuts and even our cotton table cloths and napkins. Acco...

6 Nov 2018

With all the buzz about disappearing bees and the emergence of many new beekeepers,

honey is finding its way onto our daily table and becoming a part of our food culture. Yet there is very little information available for consumers to make informed choices. So I want to share with you a few facts to...

29 Oct 2018

This easy and delicious pumpkin soup is dairy free and substitutes coconut butter and milk for cream. The mini pumpkins can be added for a wow presentation. The leaves are baby kale but you can garnish with rosemary or parsley.


1/4 cup coconut oil
1 cup chopped onions
1 clove garlic, minc...

16 Oct 2018

Breaaaad, let me say it again so you can understand how I really feel about breaaaad.

My love affair with bread, or I should correct myself and say toasted bread, is as deep as my affection for honey. Please do not tell this to my bees, it may hurt their feelings. As ancient as honey, wine or olive o...

25 Sep 2018

“Can you eat the wax?” Asked an enthusiastic shopper visiting our honey house barn, “YES! I replied, "you can and it is divine.” This age old question was referring to the wax part of our Red Bee honeycomb. If you’ve never had the pleasure to taste this rare delicacy, honeycomb is the jewel of the b...

18 Aug 2018

Today is National Honeybee Day but we're not celebrating - and here's why....a thriving colony of bees in our apiary mysteriously perished without explanation. The incident is suspicious and particularly disturbing because two days earlier this colony was alive and active. Since my apiary is just ou...

30 Mar 2018

Spring is here! It's time to start planning your garden. You can easily turn your garden into a sanctuary for honeybees by planting a diverse range of bee friendly blooms. Honeybees are tempted by brilliant colors and pleasing scents of nectar. Pick plants with successive blooms, plant in groups and...

20 Feb 2018

Did you know that honey has been associated with love for thousands of years?

In early Greece and Rome, honey symbolized fertility, love and beauty, and Cupid was known to dip his arrows in honey to fill a lover's heart with sweetness.

In Greece it is also customary for a bride to dip her fi...

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