1. Choose Your Honeys

Look for contrasts in color (dark to light) and flavor (floral to spicy to fruity).
Two to three honeys is plenty- plan for a few drizzles of each per guest. For
added texture, consider using our Creamy Clover honey. The crystals are a sign
of quality. Honeycomb is a delicious a...

Desperate times call for desperate measures...Your best revenge for hump day is toast generously slathered with honeycomb, almond butter and bee pollen for energy to face the world. Oh, and a banana for your daily fruit requirement. 

Honey Struck Chocolate Truffles

This delicious recipe is not only easy enough for a twelve year old to make, the flavors are clean and the buckwheat honey adds a new flavor dimension.

Servings: 4

Prep Time: minutes


2 cups raw almonds – ground

¾ cup raw cacao powder

5 dates, pitted

½ cup buckwhe...

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