Reprinted from American Mead Magazine issue 16.2 Summer 2016

American Mead Maker Magazine

Notes from a Honey Sommelier

Beekeepers know exactly when its time to harvest the honey from their hives. Each of the hexagonal beeswax cells that were once gleaming with nectar have been magically transformed in...

Desperate times call for desperate measures...Your best revenge for hump day is toast generously slathered with honeycomb, almond butter and bee pollen for energy to face the world. Oh, and a banana for your daily fruit requirement. 

16 Jan 2017

Is it too earlier to talk about chocolate? Valentines day is just around the corner but I can't wait another minute to make this crazy decadent chocolate honey pudding again! This recipe is so easy and healthy, you'll never eat store bought puddings again. It can be made in a pinch and it does not r...

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