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Summer Events at Red Bee Apiary

Red Bee Honey is a private residence and we are only open to the public for special events posted on our web site. Guest have the unique opportunity to visit a working apiary to learn how honeybees make this liquid gold we call honey, how terroir and nectar source determines a honey's color, aroma and flavor and how honey is harvested and extracted from the hive. Most importantly – learn how to select quality honeys. Guests will gather in our Honey House Barn for a exquisitely orchestrated “Tasting Flight” of single-origin honeys and perfectly paired food accompaniments. Participants will be encouraged to engage their curiosity through discussions. Beekeeper and author, C. Marina Marchese will lead the event around her property, once the home of celebrated ballerina Gelsey Kirkland - dancing partner of Mikhail Baryshnikov. Talk, Tour and Honey Tastings are truly the art of honey for all it’s culinary pleasures.

Red Bee Honey Apiary

IMPORTANT DETAILS: Talk, Tour and Honey Tasting events run 90 minutes. All guest must register and pay on line to reserve your place for these these wildly popular events. Please note, we do not send out actual tickets so choose "PICK UP" at checkout, you will receive an email confirming your order. These events take place outside and tastings on the second floor in our Honey House Barn, guest are encouraged to dress according to the weather.

We are unable to offer refunds, if you cannot make your date we will do our best to arrange for you to attend another event. 

If you are interested in other Honey Tasting events or author talks by Red Bee Honey's founder Carla Marina Marchese
Follow her speaker link on her personal web site