• Pollinator Habitat - May 10

    Have you always wanted a habitat in your
    very own yard but are at a loss on proceed–or have
    little space? Join avid gardener Suzanne Urban and
    co-leader of The Windsor Monarch Project and learn
    how she builds an area garden habitat in a small
    space from the ground up! Information on recommended
    native plants, plus tips on keeping weeds at bay naturally
    without using dangerous chemicals, plus fun infor
    on how you can add YardArt to for a focal point
    and unique whimsy to your habitat. Guests will go
    home with a seed bomb and list of recommended
    native plants. Unique Yardart created by Suzanne
    will be on display and available for purchase.

    Artist and avid gardener Suzanne Urban didn’t set out to
    teach people how to design a unique area garden, but as she
    continued work on her own yard at her antique home in Windsor
    Connecticut–the oldest settlement in our state –residents
    approached her for hire and some commissioned her to create
    a whimsical piece of art for their garden. She is also a co-leader
    of the Windsor Monarch Project a program started in 2016 to
    protect the livlihood of Monarchs through planting habitats,
    educational programs and raising and releasing Monarchs by
    harvesting eggs from local Milkweed.Join Suzanne as she shares
    her tested knowledge and secret tips on creating an organic
    and healthy area-garden habitat to keep pollinators happily
    visiting for years to come.

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