Mini Honey Hex Jar

Mini Honey Hex Jar

Mini Honey Hex jar great for party and wedding favors.
  • Flavor Notes

    Alfalfa: Harvested from New York State. Pleasant notes of grass and dry hay. Medium amber with bronze tint. Enjoy with tarragon chicken, chamomile tea or corn muffins.

    Bamboo: New England harvested signature Bamboo Honey. Dark, rich and full-bodied with caramel. Enjoy on pancakes, waffles with blue cheeses, pecans or figs.

    Blueberry Blossom: Wild Maine Blueberry Blossom honey. Medium amber with red reflections, buttery, fruity with distinct notes of berries.

    Buckwheat: New York State’s best. A rich and malty honey. Deep purple, almost black color. Drizzle on pancakes, waffles, gingerbread and baked beans.

    Clover: New York State Clover honey. Light to medium amber in color, mild, warm notes of beeswax and spice.

    Goldenrod: From the fields of Pennsylvania. Bright notes of flowers and perfume. A warm golden yellow color. Spread over toasted Challah bread, butter, or ginger.

    Holly: Harvested from Georgia holly bushes. Mild, delicate caramel flavors with a minty finish. Medium amber to golden color. Drizzle over fennel, honeyed ham, or fried chicken.

    Linden: Also known as Basswood. Light amber in color. Light, delicate hints of unripened fruit. Drizzle over green melon with fresh mint leaves. 

    Orange Blossom: Harvested from Florida’s orange groves. Bright, rich citrus and orange flavors. Glaze pork, cranberry sauces, fruit salads, or ginger snaps.

    Star Thistle: Also known as Minnesota Knapweed. Light amber in color with a mild, earthy and vegetal taste. Enjoy with herbal teas, Pecorino Romano cheese or bitter green salads.

    Wildflower: Our own estate-harvested New England Wildflower honey. Medium amber color, fruity and floral flavor notes.

    Wild Raspberry: Limited Harvest. Light amber honey, fruity with a hint of tart raspberry. Enjoy with brie or goat cheeses. Drizzle over rich chocolate cheese cake.