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The Accidental Entrepreneur Mentoring Creative Women
  • The Accidental Entrepreneur Mentoring Creative Women

    Do you have a bee in your bonnet? Has a creative hobby begun to take over your life in a good way? If you are thinking about starting your own creative business or are on your way and hit a few bumps in the road, 2017 is the time to get motivated! Entrepreneurship and creative businesses often happen accidentally and while following your passion it is always an asset to have a mentor. Carla Marina Marchese founder of Red Bee Honey began a hobby that turned into a full-time successful business. Her best selling book, author of HONEYBEE Lessons from An Accidental Beekeeper is the story of her personal journey into entrepreneurship. An unlikely hobby of beekeeping sparked a grand idea to combine her creative talents with her new hobby and how she developed Red Bee Honey. Carla will share with you her 20 years experience of running a business and help you develop a personalized plan and start your own journey today. One hour skype or in person sessions available by appointment. Bring your ideas and yes, there will be homework!

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