It's National Honeybee Day but we're not Celebrating!

Today is National Honeybee Day but we're not celebrating - and here's why....a thriving colony of bees in our apiary mysteriously perished without explanation. The incident is suspicious and particularly disturbing because two days earlier this colony was alive and active. Since my apiary is just outside my honey house I can view the bees and their activity easily without going outside, an ideal situation. In my 18 years of keeping honeybees, I have never had a colony of bees wiped out instantaneously. Less than one week earlier, I was thrilled to be in my apiary with Richard Wiese the host of Weekends with Yankee filming an episode for PBS that would feature Red Bee Apiary nationally. This

Save the Bees Iced Tea Cocktail

This month we at Red Bee are launching a new collection of botanical herbal teas to bring attention the the plight of the honeybee. You are already familiar with our collections of honey by floral source and both require honeybee pollination to thrive. Honeybees pollinate roughly 1/3rd of the food we eat including ornamental flowers and herbs. The taste is as complex as any of our honeys and compliments them well simply as a hot or cool tea and even a decadent cocktail. The Red Bee TEA & Honey Cocktail (our interpretation of the classic Arnold Palmer) Make the iced tea in advance by heating water to below boiling water at approximately 180-190 degrees F. For every 8 oz. of water, heap 1 teas

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