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Goddess Yogurt Honey Mask

​Just in Time for Spring! Honey to the Rescue....

​Has winter left you with dry, flaky, skin? Cleopatra was know to have beautiful skin because of her famous baths of milk and honey. You thought honey was only good for afternoon tea on a cold winters night. Honey will sooth your dry, flaky skin by naturally adding moisture. It has been used as a gentle moisturizer and healing aid for skin since ancient Egypt and it continues to be used today in products for skin and hair care. Honey has a very low pH so most bacteria cannot survive in its acidic environment, hydroscopic qualities of honey, meaning honey absorbs water and causes the skin to stay hydrated.

Rejuvenate your skin with plain honey as a facial or mix it with plain yogurt like

Cleopatra did for delightfully soft and supple skin. Servings: 1 Prep Time: 1 minute Shelf Life: use immediately Ingredients: 1 tablespoon yogurt, plain whole milk 1 tablespoon honey, orange blossom adds vitamin C

1 drop rose or lavender essential oil, optional Directions: Add all ingredients together at room temperature. Pat this mask onto the skin for a moisturizing, penetrating, hydrating, soothing application that will also help to clear up skin problems. Leave on face for up to 20 minutes. Rinse in the shower or with a warm clean face cloth. Moisture as you wish.

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