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Beekeeping 101: A Beekeeping Workshop for Bee-ginners!

It’s a new year and time to start a new hobby of beekeeping! If you have been obsessed with honey and bees this is your chance to learn what it takes to start and manage your own hive of bees in your backyard. I began my journey into beekeeping almost 18 years ago, and just like you I knew nothing about honeybees, a matter of fact I was terrified of bees until I learned how docile these sweet creatures can be. I was compelled to share my story and experiences in my first book HONEYBEE Lessons from An Accidental Beekeeper. I teach you everything you need to build your first hive body, hiving and managing your bees to your first honey harvest and everything in between. Honeybees are such amazing creatures, I made them my life....

Not only do honey bees make honey they pollinate hundreds of different fruits, vegetables seeds nuts, herbs and oils that we eat every single day. Beekeeping will not only teach you about the inner workings of a honeybee colony and the magic of honey, you'll learn to be in sync with nature, the seasons and plant life. So if you are on the fence and seriously considering diving into beekeeping I will be offering 2 hands on introduction to beekeeping classes. February 10 and March 10. at my apiary. I encourage interested students to read as many books about beekeeping as possible and continue your education by joining a local beekeeping club. There are bee clubs in every city, state and country. Sign up for my Beekeeping 101 at Westport Continuing Education - details in photo. Bring all your bee and honey questions....See you in the bee yard!

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