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How To Create a Honey Board

1. Choose Your Honeys

Look for contrasts in color (dark to light) and flavor (floral to spicy to fruity). Two to three honeys is plenty- plan for a few drizzles of each per guest. For added texture, consider using our Creamy Clover honey. The crystals are a sign of quality. Honeycomb is a delicious and unexpected addition to a cheese platter and a great way to open up the conversation about bees!

  • Light Honey: Acacia, Blueberry Blossom, Goldenrod

  • Medium Honey: Cranberry Blossom, Red Currant, Star Thistle

  • Dark Honey: Buckwheat, Bamboo, Pumpkin Blossom

2. Add Cheese & Food Pairings

A good rule of thumb is picking a firm, soft and crumbly cheese from different animals. Serve both bread and crackers and add some savory foods like olives, nuts and charcuterie along with dried and seasonal fruit. Arrange and layer the board with a mix of colors and shapes as it makes the board really interesting and beautiful.

3. Presentation

Be creative. Use a variety of containers and utensils to present your edibles and add height to the board by placing tall crackers in cups. Tuck herbs throughout to add a bright pop of color. Cheese is best served at room temperature so start arranging your board about one hour before guests arrive. Label each cheese and honey with either a flagged toothpick or write directly on the board if using a slate or wooden board and chalk.

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