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12 Bee Friendly Flowers for Your Garden and surprise, Clover and Dandelion are two of them!

Spring is here! It's time to start planning your garden. You can easily turn your garden into a sanctuary for honeybees by planting a diverse range of bee friendly blooms. Honeybees are tempted by brilliant colors and pleasing scents of nectar. Pick plants with successive blooms, plant in groups and choose a variety of flowers that bloom spring, summer and into the fall. Bees need sources of nectar and pollen throughout the entire season. Honeybees also need a water source by their hive, so set up a bird bath alongside your garden. Leave clovers and dandelions in your yard because they're not only a another honeybee favorite but also important for our native pollinators. Whether you plant a sprawling garden or just a few potted plants, consider adding a few of these bee friendly plants to your line up to do your part in saving the bees-

1. Sunflowers 7. Crocus

2. Lavender 8. Clovers

3. Goldenrod 9. Asters

4. Butterfly Bush 10. Milkweed

5. Borage 11. Snapdragon

6. Dandelions 12. Cosmos

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