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World Bee Day: Plant a Flower and Help Save the Bees!

Hello all and Happy World Bee Day!

It's been some time since I've written and like a honeybee, when it's cold and damp, I find it difficult to move. Did you know that honeybees physically cannot move their flight muscles when the temperature is below 50 F? Whether it's an unusual warm day in February or July, honeybees are programmed to seek out flowers for pollen and nectar when the weather is warm! On this Earth Day here is something to think about - over the last few years our planet has seen warmer winters and beekeepers watch as their bees search for flowers in November! Unfortunately, all this flying around causes honeybees to consume their stored up honey before winter arrives. The seasons are shifting and honeybees are clearly being affected. How can you help save the bees? Plant flowers that bare nectar and pollen, don't pick the dandelions or mow the clovers and cherish every drop of that precious honey!

Besides beekeeping duties, I have been planning our popular Talk, Tour and Honey Tasting events! Dates are posted on our web site where you can sign up to join us for an educational bee talk and tour of our apiary gardens and a guided honey tasting. Learn about bee friendly flowers that you can plant in your garden.....Sign up here!

Sunday, June 16 we are opening our apiary for a zero-waste tasting event of single origin honeys and clean-crafted natural wines paired with seasonal local foods. In celebration of our pollinators.

Join Red Bee and Scout and Cellar wines and our sponsor Sustainne for The Pollinators Plate event.

Watercress Citrus Salad with Ricotta Cheese

I made this juicy and refreshing salad over the weekend and you may have seen it on our Instagram feed. Only a few ingredients - a sweet, sour and bitter combination that will make your mouth buzz and the fresh ricotta cheese does not over power the flavors. A perfect spring treat to serve alongside a quiche or frittata made with fresh eggs.

Salad: Toss in a bowl

Watercress lettuce, rinsed, dried and chopped

Blood oranges, peeled and sliced

Ricotta cheese

Red onion, chopped fine

Pine nuts

Bee pollen, pinch

Dressing: Coat all ingredients well

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

Orange blossom honey or your local favorite

Salt and pepper to taste

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